Critical Acclaim for Last Bus to Coffeeville

exceptionally good...The characters and plot are fantastic and I really couldn't praise it enough
- Blake Brooks, Bookseller

A funny road trip story...but this brave debut novel also tackles sensitive issues and does so in a confident manner
- Clair Stanton, We Love This Book [read the full review]

There is humour... and some of the charm of The Unlikely Pilgrimage Of Harold Fry
- Daily Mail [read the full review]

Deftly handled with an offbeat humour and a deal of worldly compassion
- Jon Wise, Sunday Sport

One of the best feel-good books I have ever read!
- [read the full review]

A wonderful cast of eccentric people in the best tradition of old-time American writers like Capote and Keillor. I was enthralled throughout and recommend it to anyone who wants a feel-good read
- Elizabeth Dicker, New Books Magazine [read the full review]

An interesting delight... a brilliant debut
- Our Book Reviews Online [read the full review]

J Paul Henderson is someone to watch out for
- The Bookbag [read the full review]

A fascinating and poignant novel
- Zarina de Ruiter, Woman's World [read the full review]

the shimmering humour and life values Henderson explores are certainly something you wouldn’t want to miss
- The Star Online [read the full review]

Reader Reviews for Last Bus to Coffeeville

It's rare to find a first novel that has as sure a touch as this one, with the writing being a combination of Bill Bryson travelogue with humour from James Thurber and Garrison Keillor.  * * * * *
- Steve, Goodreads Read More

If The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared was a book you enjoyed then I'm sure this book will delight and entertain you just as much.
- Library Thing Read More

This is a book well worth reading. * * * * *
- Gill Chedgey, Shelfari Read More

Overall I thought the book flowed beautifully and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There will inevitably be comparisons with The 100 Year Old Man – and I’m certain that if you enjoyed that book you will love this one too. * * * * *
- Sue Packer, Goodreads Read More

I found myself laughing out loud with the characters. I really enjoyed this story.
- Jane Brown, Book Depository Read More

I really liked that you could feel the spirit of Parker in The Devil Wins but also that Coleman has found a way of making the characters his own too.
- Paul Burke, Nudge Read More

The reader’s interest is maintained throughout the whole of the book by a story which evolves in a well-structured manner with a welcome absence of disconnected jumps in the narrative.
- David Keay, Nudge Read More

I think it could work in a book club setting too as there are some interesting themes about small communities and secrets running throughout.
- Nicki Maguire, Nudge Read More

Don’t be put off by this being the 14th book as I found it very easy to get a grasp of who’s who and the style of the writing
- Sara Jordan, Nudge Read More

For what seems like a fairly run of the mill and rather old fashioned style crime novel I was soon pleasantly surprised.
- Jan Kirk, Nudge Read More

A well planned and sophisticated murder mystery with complex characters.
- Rekha Duggal, Nudge Read More

Amazing insights into the city just after WW2
- Tina, Rebecca Bradley – Murder Down to a Tea Read More

The Ashes of Berlin is a very exciting and worthwhile read
- Tony, TripFiction Read More

Drive is well worth a read.
- Josh, Whatever Words Read More

A quick, energetic page turner that got you feeling for the protagonists…and that had me gripped from start to finish.
- Richard Clarey, Nudge Read More

This is a terrific, instantly readable read which grabs and keeps you engaged from first to last page, intelligent, well written with excellent characterisations throughout, and a real sense of what life would be like in war torn Prague.
- John McCormick, Nudge Read More

The novel is a gripping story, and of course reads like the thriller it is…a book which it is difficult to put down, and I can thoroughly recommend it
- Ruth Ginarlis, Nudge Read More

This is well researched and written thriller which brings a little-known story to a wider audience. We are taken along a journey which is quite a roller-coaster and it's hard to put down as the need to know what happens is fuelled by the dramatic story.
- Morag Buchan, Nudge Read More

This is a story set in the Second World War and is a reall chiller of a thriller. A stunning read to mark the 75th anniversary of this episode in history.
- Martin Turner, Nudge Read More

Thoroughly a really good book to read from start to finish.
- Mark Abrahamson, Nudge Read More

Superb…Violent yet tender, this is beautifully written with an ending that satisfies
- Wallace Leicester, Netgalley Read More

‘Hunting the Hangman’ took me on a journey of unimaginable intensity, I felt total disbelief and horror, awe and admiration, in this convincing and gripping read.
- Liz Robinson, Lovereading Read More

This book is a resounding success. It tells an important story and gives you all the facts of what happened, while also delivering an emotional impact that a nonfiction book may not be able to.
- Cathy Boyle, Nudge Read More

Fiction based on historical fact makes this a fascinating thriller. Gripping you from the first paragraph…Howard Linskey has you hooked.
- Cathy Holland, Nudge Read More

This is a first rate thriller and a realistic fictional account of the real events that shook the world at the height of WWII. Hunting the Hangman is thought provoking, exciting and clearly a labour of love for the author - a genuine joy to read.
- Paul Burke, Nudge Read More

I would not normally read more about WWII, but this is still one of those episodes that can simultaneously enlighten and destroy your belief in humanity. An excellent personal read.
- Philipa Coughlan, Nudge Read More

It is a difficult book to read without getting emotionally involved. I never cease to be amazed by some of the bravery displayed by people and the story is a thrilling tale of courage, resilience and betrayal.
- Dorothy Flaxman, Nudge Read More

Howard Linskey has taken the time to read and research this evil man’s life, and what he did next, and deserves to be read by anyone, male or female who wants a thriller that will have you holding your breath!
- Angie Rhodes, Nudge Read More

This was a fascinating insight into the Czech resistance in WWII…And the story of how the book came to be published was just as fascinating. An enjoyable read for anyone with an interest in 20th century European history.
- Vicky Stone, Nudge Read More

The narrative flows easily and gathers momentum as the book progresses. The historical research is impeccable and what shines though is Mr. Linskey’s passion for his subject…he makes every word count. He makes his characters come to life and we care about those we are supposed to care about.
- Gill Chedgey, Nudge Read More

Brilliantly thrilling novel which I thoroughly enjoyed. Great characterization and narrative and full of suspense
- Diane Nash, NetGalley Read More

Really enjoyable; well written, engaging, and page-turning from beginning to end
- Kirsty H, Netgalley Read More

Linksey captures the essence of the period superbly; the desperation of the resistance, the cruelty of the Nazi occupation...All in all a great read
- Rob Scragg, Netgalley Read More

Man, what a powerful little tale this is! Desperation Road is a superb title to describe the flavour of this book
- Christine, Novel Deelights Read More

So gripping, complex and thought provoking. An excellent debut
- Kirsty White, Netgalley Read More

Deadly Alibi is a great read, keeping me gripped from page one right until its satisfying conclusion!
- Laura, Snazzy Books Read More

a gripping tale…Linskey’s research is impeccable
- Sue Featherstone, Book Lovers' Booklist Read More

the author really has done his homework…The novel is atmospheric, evocative and thought provoking
- Abby, Anne Bonny Book Reviews Read More

I devoured this in one day. The author certainly knows how to keep the reader's attention. Deadly Alibi is full of twists and turns and will keep you guessing until the end
- Chelle's Book Reviews Read More

Yes, in essence, this is the story of two men sent to kill one, but it is also so much more than that. When you read it you will understand just how many people were willing to sacrifice themselves that this mission may succeed and how many unwitting victims there were too as a result... A very thought provoking and moving story.
- Jen Lucas , Jen Med's Book Reviews Read More

When we go out on a limb and declare that a Pulitzer Prize winner has written his finest book, and will earn consideration to be one of less than a handful of repeaters in this pinnacle of American writing awards’ almost 100 year history, we realize the boldness of the statement. Robert Olen Butler’s Perfume River is sheer story-telling genius that explores multi-family conflicts and long-term PTSD through the inner thoughts of the book’s magnificently crafted characters. This brilliant approach and gut-wrenching narrative was as challenging as any book I’ve ever devoured. This year’s most powerful read!
- Jake Reiss , bookseller at The Alabama Booksmith Read More

A brilliantly constructed novel and an elegantly written murder mystery with complex and intriguing characters, based around a haunting period in recent history.
- Jo Kirk, Nudge Read More

I loved it. I was really riven by the confessions of Digby, how well you described his childhood, his nascent passion for chess and his formative years in Cambridge.Your style in these pages deeply moved me. And I loved the elegant way you found to explain the title of the book. A book that one finishes with a sense of nostalgia the last page turned. Quoi ! Déjà fini ! A decisively rare kind ....So, thank you very much for "And is There Honey Still For Tea?"
- Raphaël Weissmann, Judge, Read More

Good story! Looking forward to reading more by this author. Highly recommend!
- Aelat w., Netgalley Read More

For readers who miss Steig Larsson’s particular brand of Nordic Noir, this may be their answer... This is a story that left me feeling breathless, Michelet is a master.
- Rosemary S., Netgalley Read More

I really liked Jon's way of telling a story. He made it seem real and his characters were very life like... I highly recommend this book.
- Kenneth F, Netgalley Read More

Leigh Russell just gets better and better…I loved this book, and even though I am a fan of the Geraldine Steel books it would be easy to read this as a stand-alone. I was gripped from start to finish and once again the ending took me by surprise. Loved every minute of it.  (5*)
- Carol Peace, NetGalley Read More

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